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Jan 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
should develop in the mid-section of the week and throughout sacramento, modesto. 37 degrees after beginning at 15 below, tonight 18 below, our highs, in the 50s, a few 40s still. will take awhile to warm up. a range of 47 to 53 degrees mainly in the low 50s. you will notice by wednesday we start to notice the seasonal high of 60 in our inland areas, not until wednesday night will we realize those lows over that freezing point. tonight will be brutal. >>> thank you appreciate it. >>> there were more goose bumps than you might expect on a bart train expected packed with people. passengers were encouraged to ride bart fully dressed except for their pants. they are however expected to wear underwear nudity is forbidden. what is this about? >> no protest no message just out having a good time in a crazy city in the middle of winter. >> the no pants ride began in new york in 2002 it is now international with riders in 59 cities around the world going pantless. >>> hockey players are back on the ice now that the nhl season is no longer on ice. >>> they have settled differences following
Jan 20, 2013 10:00pm PST
in sacramento. in redwood city, cbs 5. >>> one of their biggest competition happens right here in the bay area and the mavericks ini have national will take place at from around the world, they took on the giant wave followed by san francisco and greg long. qbc reporter show -- a cbs reporter shows you how important this is. >> those who wanted to see a big wave first had to deal with the big wait. >> we were assuming we could have gotten tickets when we got here, but i didn't think that it would be sold out. >> all over the world people come here to see mavericks. >> i think that they are all here too. >> reporter: once inside they pulled up lawn chairs for a chance to walk a close circuit broadcast of the greatest surfers taking on some of the big waves for the planet. they were restricted to this hotel parking lot when authorities, they closed the beach after being washed out to sea two years ago. they miss the bluffs, but at mitts that it probably makes more sense. >> it is really hard to tell who is in what position and who is doing well and not so well. >> the fact that it's surfers, thi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2